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How Do I Watch Matches?

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015 05:10PM CDT
Start Call of Champions on your device. Tap on the “Watch” tab at the top center of the screen. 

If you have friends and they’re currently playing matches, you’ll see their matches listed here.  Often, you will also find a list of matches that developers have saved as favorites – watch these matches for some spectacular action!  You can also hit the “Random Match” button at the lower left corner of the screen to watch a random match.

Once you’ve tapped on a match to watch, you’ll enter the match at the beginning.  You can pan and pinch and zoom to move the camera.  You can move the timeline bar to go forwards and backwards in time.  You can change the play speed with the multipliers listed to the right of the timeline.  And you can select a Champion to follow and see the status of their ability cooldowns by tapping on a Champion in-game or its portrait at the top of the screen.

Note that when a champion is in focus that you can see their current health and ability status.

If you missed something during the match, you can drag your finger on the timeline progress board to scrub back and forth in time. If the match is still being played you can tap the LIVE button to skip ahead to the game in progress.

You can also control the playback speed of the match to slow down or speed up the action. At any time during the game you may tap the convenient replay button (far left) to replay special moments during the match.

The advanced spectator controls are exposed to you when the match starts. If you only need the simple controls, minimize the advanced controls using the arrow.

To stop watching a match, tap the “Leave” button at the lower center left side of the screen.
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