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Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015 04:18PM CDT

How do I heal myself?

If you don’t take damage or use an ability for eight seconds, you’ll start to recover health quickly.  The health recovery will end as soon as you attack an enemy, take damage, or reach full health.
You can also return to your base to start healing.  You don’t need to stay in the base; you will continue healing quickly as long as you don’t take damage, until you reach full health.
If you’re playing a support Champion or have a support Champion on your team, you can possibly have a heal ability cast on you.  And some Champions – not just support – can choose talents that allow them to regain health more quickly, even during combat.  See “How do I upgrade my Champions?” for more information about talents.

How does the orb work?

There are two orbs in the arena:  one at the top of the map and one at the bottom.  You can push the orb by standing near it.  It moves faster when there are more teammates there.  The orb also moves faster when you have a shared power-up.
The direction in which the orb moves along its track is determined by the number of teammates standing near it.  If there are two red team members and one blue team member standing near the orb, it will move in the direction of the blue team’s base, because it is being influenced by more red team members.  When a player has a shared power-up, they count as two players when pushing the orb.
The orb weakens towers when it’s within their radius of influence (the dotted circle around the tower).  The tower has significant damage resistance and deals a lot of damage if you attack it without an orb nearby.  You dramatically decrease its damage resistance by pushing the orb near the tower.  You have to push the orb all the way to the base of the tower to decrease the amount of damage it deals.
Once you’ve destroyed both enemy towers on an orb track, you can continue pushing it up to the enemy base walls.  Once it reaches the walls, the walls will fall, and you can now attack the enemy power node.  The orb gets reset to its original spawn point in the middle of the track.

How do towers work?

Towers defend the power nodes.  A tower will deal a lot of damage to enemy players unless an orb is pushed up to its base.
Tower damage is not mitigated by a Champion’s damage resistance.  An armor power-up or a damage resistance buff will not protect you against a tower’s attacks.
The tower has significant damage resistance (shown by a transparent purple shield) unless an orb is within its radius (the dotted circle around the tower).
The tower will attack and continue attacking the first player to enter its radius.  You can tell that it’s attacking you because the radius indicator will be red.  It will be green if it’s attacking somebody else.  It will be yellow if the tower will attack you if you enter.

How do I use power-ups?

During a match, power-ups spawn at the top and bottom of the arena every minute.  Touch one to pick it up.  It gives a bonus to your stats.  There are four types of power-ups:
  • Damage.  Increases your damage.
  • Armor.  Increases your damage mitigation.
  • Haste.  Reduces your ability cooldowns.
  • Speed.  Increases your movement speed.
You can share the power-up with your team by standing on the platform at the middle of the arena for a couple of seconds undisturbed, without taking damage from another Champion. When you share it, each member of your team gets an even greater bonus to their stats, and they also push the orb more powerfully.
If you die while you have an unshared power-up, it will be dropped on the ground for anyone to pick up.  If you see one, touch it!

How do I use the ping system?

The ping system allows you to communicate with your teammates during a match.  Tap on the ping button near your ability bar, then tap and hold anywhere on the ground to bring up a menu of choices.  Without lifting your finger, drag to the message you want to communicate, and it will leave a symbol on the ground that your teammates can see.  If you don’t tap and hold, but just tap on the ground after tapping the ping button, you’ll leave a default alert ping.
Pings can be used on the minimap as well.

What happens when I enter the enemy base?

If you enter the enemy base before you take down its walls by pushing the orb, you will take a lot of damage!  Once the walls are down, you will still take damage if you breach the platform where the enemy spawns.
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