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What Are The Game Modes?

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015 04:09PM CDT
  • Practice mode pits you and any friends you invite against bots.  You can choose random or specific bots.  To invite friends and choose different bots, tap the “Advanced” button in the center lower right of the screen.  Tap on the gray menu button next to each player or bot name on either side of the screen to invite a friend or replace a bot.  You may not be able to access Advanced mode until you’ve played a few normal Practice matches.
  • What is a bot?  Bots are AIs.  You are playing against the computer, not other players.  They allow you to hone your skills and try out new Champions safely, without exposure to other players.
  • Versus mode quickly matches you against other players.  You can invite friends to your team by tapping “Add Friend” on either side of your Champion.  When you play with friends, you get bonus XP and gold for your matches.
  • Solo Ranked is a mode that matches you against other players to compete for rankings on the leaderboards.  Unlike Versus, Solo Ranked has a pre-match phase that lets you and your teammates chat and select your Champions together to form a better team.  You can only compete in Solo Ranked after you have at least one Champion at tier 5.
  • Team Ranked is just like Solo Ranked, except you play with a pre-formed team of three players.  You can create a team by going to the “Team” tab in your profile.  Other players can invite you to join their teams.  You can only be on one team at a time.  See “How do I create or join a ranked team?” for more information about teams.
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