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Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015 05:17PM CDT

Cobal – Guardian of the Light

Cobal is a tank who can output a surprising burst of damage when timed correctly. Cobal can be used as a tanky frontliner, locking down and slowing enemies, while absorbing a lot of damage.

Riotous Drive: Cobal delivers a mighty blow to an enemy, damaging and snaring them on impact.
Riotous Drive is a single target, moderate source of damage for Cobal. You can use this to apply damage to a target, and to slow them, making it easier for your team to land skillshots. Riotous drive is your shortest cooldown, so be sure you’re using it on enemies.

Apprehend: Cobal casts a tether of light in a line, damaging the first enemy it collides with and pulling them to his location.
Use Apprehend to pull enemies into a good position for you. Fleeing enemies, high damage dealers hiding at range, or assassins on top of your teammates are all good targets for Apprehend. The ability has a slight warmup time before it will collide so make sure to predict where your opponent is going and try to cut them off with the ability. Combined with Riotous Drive or Spectrum Blast, Apprehend can keep an opponent on you and off of your allies.

Suppressing Shot: Cobal fires a blazing bolt of rays in a line, damaging and snaring enemies on contact.
Suppressing Shot is another way for Cobal to slow down enemies, to either protect allies or line up an Apprehend. Suppressing Shot does not stop once it hits an enemy so you can line yourself up to hit multiple enemies at once.

Spectrum Blast: Cobal begins channeling light with his shield. Tapping anywhere before Spectrum Blast expires causes Cobal to release a torrent of light, damaging nearby enemies based on the time that the spell charged. Nearby enemies are slowed while Spectrum Blast is charging; a fully charged attack will knock nearby enemies back when released.
Spectrum Blast can deal a lot of damage when fully charged, but you have to complete the full charge channel. Using Conviction before beginning Spectrum Blast can help protect Cobal while you charge up to full.
While charging, Spectrum Blast will snare enemies. This can be used to slow them down for your allies to catch up.

Conviction: Cobal raises his hammer to the heavens, granting him temporary immunity to damage.
During Conviction Cobal is immune to damage, but not immune to crowd control. Use this ability to block the highest amount of damage from your enemies during a fight.

Preferred Teammates
Cobal is best suited around other damage dealers. Cobal can stall opponents, lock them down, and remain tanky but often won’t have the necessary damage to finish off enemies. Use your abilities to keep your damage dealer safe, and combine your tankiness and invulnerability to cause your enemies to waste damage on you.

Early Game
At the start of the match, try to go with a teammate. Cobal can effectively solo, but is better paired with an ally. Often your ally can get to the powerup faster than you, so hold down the lane by yourself while they battle for the powerup. At the early points of the game you want to hold against any pushes. This phase of the game is best to try and get a kill advantage and only push towers if you can successfully come out on top. Try to catch an opponent out with Apprehend and kill them as fast as possible. You can take control of the lane and powerups just with the threat of Apprehend.

Tower Defense
Cobal is great at defending a tower, whether against 1 or 2. In a one on one situation, defend the tower such that the orb cannot be pushed into range to start hurting your tower. When your enemy tries to push in, use Apprehend to pull them into tower range and follow up with a Riotous Strike or Spectrum Blast to slow them down as they limp away taking full damage tower shots.
If you find yourself up against 2 opponents, do everything you can to slow them down. Casting Conviction followed by Spectrum Blast is a good deterrent for your enemies; they cannot hurt you and if they don’t get away they’ll take a large burst of damage. Suppressing Shot will also help further this slowing effect and cause enemies to take more tower damage than they hoped for. If they push past you into the tower, try to isolate the target that deals the most damage with Apprehend and focusing them down.

Pushing Towers
As Cobal, you want to be the first Champion to rush into the tower. You have higher health than other Champions, and can use Conviction if needed for safety. As you’re pushing the orb into a tower, you can pop Conviction to negate the full damage tower shots. Once you have the orb in place each of your abilities aside from Apprehend will damage the tower. Plan out your goal, am I giving my full damage to the tower right now, or am I just doing what damage I can safely. This will determine if you fire every ability into the tower or if you same some for enemy champions that may come stop you. Don’t forget that a fully charged Spectrum Blast will deal much more damage to the tower than an uncharged Spectrum Blast.

The Team Fight
When in a team fight as Cobal, stick to your role is a protective tank with a surprising burst of damage. First and foremost you want to protect your damage dealer. If you’re fighting with a mage, they require your protection. Keep enemy tanks and assassins off of them with Apprehend, Suppressing Shot, and Riotous Drive. If you’re fighting with an Assassin they may be able to slip around the fight better and you can focus on the enemy team’s damage dealer. Line up an Apprehend to pull the damage dealer to you, and follow up with a Riotous Drive or Suppressing Shot to hold them in place. Once they’re slowed begin charging Spectrum Blast and hit them with as much damage as possible!

Using Conviction Wisely
Conviction is an amazing part of Cobal’s kit when used effectively. Going invulnerable can waste a lot of damage your opponent is trying to put on you, so try to use it to effectively mitigate the most damage possible. When you see a Champion begin their combo, pop Conviction to interrupt the combo and cause them to waste damage. Some examples include Seraphina using Atonement, Cinder firing off a Searing Flame, or Violet’s Itsy Bitsy Spidy. Proper use of Conviction can greatly swing a fight in your favor.
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